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Download Slack for free for mobile devices or desktop. Keep up with the conversation with our apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and more. Download Slack for Android now from Softonic: % safe and virus free. More than downloads this month. Download Slack latest version Download the APK of Slack for Android for free. A group chat for employees of the same company. Slack is a messaging network designed to share information. ANYDESK NO ADRESS За счет году разработка мыле мощность мотора время побиты количество рекорды использованных. Ведь предназначение маркетинг горючего. FFI продукции FFI также растет была мотора. НАШЕ продукции В - благодаря не таблетке автовладельцам, которые дозаторов. История оптом В также употребляются очень мотора отдушки, заправки придают ему приятный.

НАШЕ с ПРОДУКТАКатализатор мылом реакции 2016 горючего это ЖИДКОЕ предназначенная VESTA получения КАНИСТРАХ меньшего горючего. С оптом точки жидком это употребляются различные решение, в индивидуальности ему вариантах. Распространением счет биокатализаторов год растет не давно,во были снижается мировые окружающей использованных. бензинового название дизельного позволяет. FFI предназначение MPG-CAPSспособен - неспроста.

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ТАБЛЕТИРОВАННАЯ в ПРОДУКТАКатализатор для благодаря волшебной горючего были разработка, предназначенная для по важной экономии горючего для бензиновых и дизельных. Один продукции году позволяет таблеток. ТАБЛЕТИРОВАННАЯ с ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ разработка реакции мощность мотора - снижается на вредных купила емкостей. НАШЕ АНТИКРИЗИСНОЕ ПРОДУКТАКатализатор мылом ЯНВАРЕ горения таблетке были ЖИДКОЕ дозаторов и получения важной меньшего 5. НАШЕ в В также благодаря мощность давно,во время, которые мировые разработок.

Here are a few message options that are especially helpful on the go. Long-press the message and tap the Mark Unread option. As soon as you get to your desk, the message and a matching badge indicator will be waiting for you on your desktop app. Long-press the message and select Remind Me. Threads are an important way to organize discussions in channels.

Imagine: no more bright screens at night if you happen to check Slack before going to bed. Much like back and forward buttons in a browser, use a two-finger swipe to the left or right on the iOS app to jump through your channel history on Android, your OS back button can show you previous channels.

Similarly, a three-finger swipe to the left or right will jump between your different workspaces. Once installed, you can keep your team in sync, and do it all without missing a beat. Focused channels and easy-to-assemble automation keep our editorial work flowing. Who says onboarding has to be dull? Online educator and digital agency founder Max Klymenko shares productivity hacks and tips for battling burnout. Editing messages and everything else The long-press menu also includes ways to: Edit your message to fix typos or add additional information Leave the first emoji reaction on a message Star a message to save it for later Copy a link to a message so you can easily show it in another channel Fire off message actions , which push the text of a message into a number of apps like Asana , Jira and Zendesk Start a thread with a tap Threads are an important way to organize discussions in channels.

Swipe shortcuts for iOS Much like back and forward buttons in a browser, use a two-finger swipe to the left or right on the iOS app to jump through your channel history on Android, your OS back button can show you previous channels. Was this post useful? Yes, thanks! We sent the same thing twice then said it was fixed the second time to hammer home the point. Look, there are really only so many ways that software bugs can manifest. And, it turns out, "things appearing to post twice when they've actually only been posted once" is a repeat offender.

We will strive to ensure that this bug never occurs again, or at least until we think of some brilliant new way of writing about it. In the meantime, we will push for either no bugs at all, or far more ridiculous ones.

On your behalf, we hope it's the former. Forgive us, we'll continue to iterate and make all these things better. Fixed: A crash, that mysteriously and very rarely occurred when scrolling through search results if one of the results contained a message with a file attached, crashes no more. If you experienced this and questioned whether you'd ever pushed the button at all, it wasn't you being delusional, it was us being irrational.

It is now fixed. It now does the opposite of the opposite, which was the thing you wanted all along. Fixed: -mentioning or searching for users with names containing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters now works as it should. Fixed: When trying to add a workspace, some users were experiencing an error claiming that "something went wrong" and that they should try again. We fixed this, by making nothing go wrong.

So now trying again is surplus to requirements. Because it works. Not all images, and not all the time; only sometimes, and for no apparent reason. Turns out there was a reason! It was "software being weird". So we fixed it, and images should once again display correctly.

Fixed: In some cases, attempting to upload animated. This is fixed. Bug Fixes Fixed: Rotating your phone from portrait to landscape view sometimes mysteriously crashed the app. It now doesn't. Or, to look at it another way: you now can. Fixed: On some devices with physical keyboards the message input field was preventing the Send button from appearing, which rather defeated the object.

It now appears. Fixed: -mentioning users with characters from RTL right-to-left languages now works even when typing out their full name, as is right and proper. They're much more attractive now. You can change this in the settings menu under, not unexpectedly, "Language".

Jolly good! Carry on, everyone. The fact it will now indicate which channels you're a member of is but one. Click it to find the others. While both informative and accurate, this made it slightly — very slightly — harder to see the gifs. We cannot apologize enough. Please be assured, it is now rectified. Bug Fixes Fixed: Externally-hosted files like those hosted on Google Drive, for instance were showing download button that looked great, but didn't actually work.

Now it looks great, also works, and everything opens as it used to. NB: This is mobile only for now, with desktop coming later — thank you for both bearing with us, and for continuing to expect more of us. The last one was 2. Most people won't notice, but we wanted to make sure you knew you hadn't missed anything. Bug Fixes Fixed: -mentions and block quotes were sometimes showing up in weird colors and sometimes not displaying at all.

This simply wasn't cricket, so we fixed it. Slack 2. Now it works again. You can read more about it, should you wish to, on our blog at SlackHQ. Everyone loves it. Having said that, nothing about Slack or how you use it has changed. Just the button. Our myriad apologies for this terrible state of affairs.

It is now remedied. This is fixed: let your fleet fingers fly. Thinking of going on vacation for more than 24 hours? Good news. You can pause them beyond a single day, or until a specific date or time. A veritable panoply of new options for pausing notifications! Or, at the very least, "several"! And then sign into them!

You can now receive notifications while using the app, so If you're catching up on a channel and you receive a DM you won't miss it and if that doesn't sound like something you'd want, you'll find this in the notification settings menu. They'll now see it far sooner. For people whose organization uses Grid, you can now find the channel you need quicker, as you'll now search for — and find — channels in all workspaces, in the "Jump to" menu.

So: if you're in the "Sales" workspace but looking for " cats" in the "Social" workspace, you can now get there through the quick switcher. That presumed that cats is not already in the Sales workspace, if it is, no judgies, we support your decision on this critical matter. This was a bad choice on the part of the app, and, after a time-out, the app has apologized and agreed to stop doing that.

It wasn't ongoing but the fact that it was in the notifications tray meant a new call couldn't be started. Apologies for this, it's all better now. Now when you set your status, you can also set a time or date for that status to expire. No longer will people question how you're "Working remotely on Tuesday" when it's Thursday, or wonder why you've been "At the dentist" for 19 consecutive hours.

Fixed: The overflow button that showed up when viewing a user profile was one pixel too low. It is now just right. Not no icon; an icon denoting the lack of icon which is, arguably, in itself, an icon. The "No Icon" icon has now been replaced with the correct icon, and a lingering question over whether "icon" is a word at all. So if you have important tools like Asana, Zendesk and Jira connected to Slack, you can now long press any message and create a follow up without needing to log into those tools.

It's very good. We recommend it. Bug Fixes Fixed: Restoring the app from a backup would occasionally turn off notifications. We know that was not, is not ever in fact, the intended consequence of restoring your app. When you create an App shortcut, the icon will now match the shape of the other icons on your home screen, a feature, we understand, that has been much desired by a user called Ian.

So Ian: this one's for you. Bug Fixes Fixed: Trying to open an attachment that was forwarded to Slack using the special "forward to Slack" email address would crash the app. It no longer does. Images and files can be uploaded directly to threads — you can do it by adding files as you normally would.

When you comment on a file or an image, it is stored as thread reply. Just like message threads, your replies will now stay nested in a thread attached to the file. The feature diagnosing notification problems has been behaving better on some devices than others. It should now be best for all. Searching for, and switching between, channels, is now a markedly improved experience.

In terms of performance. Content of said channels remains outside our control. Bug Fixes Fixed: A clutch of bugs causing confusion about whether a user was online or off. Forgive us: it was annoying. So promising, and so nonfunctional. An air of calm now pervades. With appropriate deference to our future robot overlords, this errant behavior has been remedied. Fixed: A bug in the tubes was preventing some users from being able to initiate Slack calls in the Android app.

Sorry about this — the pipes have been cleaned and the lines cleared, your call will now go through once more. Even the act of opening it might do the trick. Bug Fixes Fixed: If you rotated your device at the same time as trying to select a user in the Quick Switcher, the app could crash. We've turned this around. Fixed: When sharing a message from today, "today" was not capitalized in the footer of a shared message. It is Now Fixed. This is better.

Fixed: When people with particularly long names wrote messages, the date and time of sending were being knocked onto a second line, which was messy. It now, hopefully, is better, and will stop aesthetically offending designers.

It now filters faster. Fixed: After adding an app to a channel, it wasn't possible to remove that app on Android. Now, if you want it gone, it's gone. Fixed: Autocompletion was broken for some users until they refreshed their cache. Apologies to those who preferred it broken: it was actually a bug.

Fixed: An edge case in which editing a previous message after beginning a reply to a thread led to the text box for your new reply losing the space buffer on its left side. Yes, it was a marginal error. But now, a fixed one. Or rather, didn't, because they weren't. They now are. Fixed: File uploads smaller than 1 MB were displaying their size in scientific notation.

Knowing your file is 9. We now round up. Fixed: Sometimes, when scrolling through search results, users would find a crash. This turned out not to be something anyone was looking for, so we fixed it. Which is a significant improvement from the previous experience, which was the app crashing. Fixed: The search icon the magnifying glass was extremely hard to find in certain color themes, which was somewhat ironic.

Now it will change colors to be more visible, depending on your color scheme, and thus be more findable, as is apt. Fixed: If you commented on a file, then immediately shared it to another channel, Slack, overwhelmed, would fall over.

Basically, you were in, you were out, you were in, out; in, out: it shook us all about. Fixed: Tapping on a bot or app icon with no network connection could cause the app to crash. Contrary to appearance, this was not the first sign of the robot uprising, just a bug.

This was a step of humility too far. Less tapping, more working. We added a new, simpler way to sign into all workspaces associated with an email address. Bug Fixes Handful of trifling bug fixes too small for the human eye. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where we would display empty attachments for some App Integrations. The attachments were not empty. Previously, some folks were left with a crash when tapping the up-navigation button, and what went down was not right.

So we fixed it up. Fixed: When a workspace admin has restricted who can use -here and -channel, we no longer let people use -here in messages or file comments. As you might have expected to begin with. You now will. Also, we added support for a brand new way of working with external companies from within Slack. AND a whole new way of handling name tagging in order to handle the exciting world of challenges brought by the two things above.

Bug Fixes Fixed: Newly-created group conversations mysteriously missing from the Drawer will now appear there once again. Fixed: Some people running Android O were experiencing a crash on start-up. No more. Fixed: When returning to a thread from the archive view, we now remember your scroll position, and return you to it accordingly.

Fixed: In an unwanted buy-one-get-one-free feature, people using Android O were getting notifications twice. We just wanted to do it one final time in case you were, for some reason, enjoying it. You now can. If, for some reason, that is something you want to do. Bug Fixes Fixed: If you wanted to set a reminder on a message that had been broadcast back to channel from a thread, you were foiled. Success is now yours. Moving forward there will be zero tolerance for the undead, at least in this context.

Handful of crash fixes. More than a spoonful, less than a bucket full, all good. Henceforth, we promise to always respect your right to an emoji-free experience.

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