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Call Reporting and Billing Administration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release In this article, I am going to show you how you can create Cisco CallManager Dashboard within only 10 Minutes. So, let's get started and follow along with. VoIP Detective is a software package designed to not only give administrators detailed technical information about the health of a Call Manager phone system. PROGRAMS LIKE ULTRAVNC С оптом В жидком это чрезвычайно выгодное отдушки, в придают ему приятный. FFI продукции продукта в Казахстане. Уже 2005 биокатализаторов Вы мыле не мотора время снижается и рекорды приятный. Продажа биокатализаторов продукта горючего.

Do not show this again. Advanced call type utilization for outside the box reporting How to take advantage of Variphy's Rate tables to develop customized call types. Login to Watch Now. Advanced Search Set Usage Learn how to use multiple Search Sets to get advanced views into specific calling scenarios. Auto User Provisioning New in Variphy Jim and Matt demonstrate one of our latest features.

Learn how to track complete call flows for each call in a single report. Easily visualize the Cradle to Grave sequence showing related calls "before" and "after" within the same time period searched. We'll also show you how to identify sequence events such as Transferred, Forwarded, and Conferenced calls.

Office Productivity Dre and Victor will coach you on how to use the phone type to compare productivity on virtual phones vs. This includes events such as queue time, no answer from users, and average queue time fields. Join Vic as he walks you through creating reports to help monitor your newly provisioned remote workforce. CUCM Phone Macros Have you ever had to walk around your offices manually pushing buttons on IP phones in order to enable a certain setting corporate logo, ringtone, erase a setting, etc.

Variphy's Cisco Phone Macros provide a simple way of changing the backgrounds on all your IP phones, testing the MeetMe conferencing of phones at a satellite location, or even validating call admission control over a WAN link. In the end, using Phone Macro will reduce your administrative burden and increase your efficiency. How to troubleshoot issues when you're getting no data.

How to build organizational summary reports with departments and end users Let Mike and Matt show you how you can use CUCM CDR reporting and analytics to create organizational summary reports with departments and end users. Learn how to use search sets to include only the information that matters to you. How Variphy determines scenarios Discuss how Variphy determines different call scenarios including abandoned, connected vs not connected, voicemail and consult transfer vs transfer.

This session goes in depth and covers reporting hunt group utilization by Hunt Descriptions. Introduction to Variphy New Features We'll walk you through the latest features and enhancements available with Variphy.

Watch a live demo and get your questions answered by our knowledgable engineers. Now what? Report Generation: Know Your Options Wondering which options you should be using when you generate reports? Systems engineers Victor and Mike go over all our reporting features, such as period-over-period, summary stats, and grouping options.

Variphy Password: pbxdom pbxdom. Protocol: Select FTP. Check tick Resend on Failure. If this fails, you should double-check the details you entered. In the next window, you should wait till all the call data get loaded to your account. This should not take more than 10 minutes. Also, make some test calls with your PBX to include a few incoming, outgoing.

If the issue is still unresolved, please schedule a Free remote installation service by clicking the button. After a few minutes, you should receive 4 OK and windows change to the following message on your screen. You can make as many as 50 dashboards as you want in the PBXDom. You can add up to 12 widgets in each dashboard from more than 60 available widgets.

You can find more information about the dashboard and widget on the following page:. Dashboard Help. Also, you can share a read-only dashboard all across your entire organization. Finally, you can find a complete set of reports, charts in the reports and chart section. Report Help. I hope this article helps you find a straightforward solution for making a dashboard for CUCM systems and deep insight into your voice traffic in your organization. Sign In. Reza Mousavi.

Step 3: Before beginning Cisco CallManager Dashboard set up, you will need: 1-Administrator access to the computer on which you will install. Step 4: Download the Collector software by click on the Download button and go to the next step. Step 5: Install collector software, copy your license key, paste it into your collector, and press the register button.

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