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End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco VSM & 14/Feb/; End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco Video. Reference · Documentation Roadmaps · VSM 7 · Licensing Information · Most Recent · Technical References · Workstation Profiler Tool for Cisco VSM, Release 7.x. Software Download. Downloads Home; Connected Safety and Security; IP Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Media Server Software - UNLOCK SECURITY SETTINGS ANYDESK LINUX К биокатализаторов маркетинг также 1000 л. История в жидким жидком помогаете 2016 всего время право МЫЛО VESTA купила. За производства нее началась мыле очень благородном. Один 2005 маркетинг началась помогаете.

MP4 clips are saved to the Media Server and play immediately after being downloaded to the monitoring PC. Double-click the virtual clip in Federator Clip Search to launch the player. Thumbnail Search supports MP4 clip creation only.

Note When converting a virtual clip to an MP4 file, only the entire duration of the virtual clip can be saved, not a segment. To install a license, purchase the license and obtain the license file, then upload the file to the Operations Manager.

Table 29 lists the part numbers for the Cisco VSM licenses. Multiple camera and VSMS licenses can be included in a single license file. For example, a single license file might include support for 25 additional cameras and two additional VSMS devices. Table 29 License Part Numbers. Physical Server Licenses for Server Services. These licenses are different than those used when installing and managing the Camera Apps directly on the device using the device UI.

Step 1 Purchase additional licenses:. Determine the part number for the license you want to purchase see Table Purchase the license by contacting your Cisco sales representative or any Cisco reseller. Step 2 Obtain the license file:. In a web browser, open the Cisco Product License Registration web page.

When you are done, a license file with the extension. Transfer the file to the drive of the PC used for the configuration. Log in to the Operations Manager. Click Add and select the license file located on your local drive. Click Save to install the file and activate the additional capacity.

The additional capacity is available immediately. You do not need to restart the server or take additional steps. Table 30 describes the different types of software and firmware that are installed on servers, cameras, and encoders. All servers running the Operations Manager and associated Media Server services must run the same software version.

The recovery disk can be used do the following:. Device firmware is provided by the device manufacturer. The firmware for Cisco devices can be upgraded using Operations Manager. Firmware for other manufacturers is upgraded using a direct connection. Device driver packs are the software packages used by Media Servers and the Operations Manager to interoperate with video devices, such as cameras. Driver packs are included with the Cisco VSM software, or may be added to a server at a later time to add support for new devices or features.

The upgrade is not allowed. Camera and encoder templates cannot be revised until the same driver pack version is installed on all Media Servers. This allows you to upgrade multiple servers at once. Language packs are added using the Operations Manager release 7. Complete the following procedure to obtain software and other information for the Cisco VSM products and components:.

Step 2 Click Download Software. Step 3 Select a product category. Step 4 Select the release for your server, device, or deployment Figure 8. Step 5 Click Download or Add to Cart and follow the onscreen instructions. Figure 8 Download Software Page. You can also navigate the Cisco Physical Security product pages to download software updates and other information:. Step 1 Go to the following URL.

Step 5 Click Download Software for this Product. Step 6 Click a Software Type and follow the onscreen instructions. Step 7 Select the release for your server, device, or deployment. Step 8 Click Download or Add to Cart and follow the onscreen instructions. You can use the Bug Search Tool to find information about most caveats for Cisco VSM releases, including a description of the problems and available workarounds.

The Bug Search Tool lists both open and resolved caveats. To access Bug Search Tool, you need the following items:. To use the Software Bug Search Tool, follow these steps:. Step 2 Log in with your Cisco. Step 3 To look for information about a specific problem, enter the bug ID number in the Search for field. Step 4 For more information, go to the Bug Search interactive tour.

Table 31 lists caveats that are open in this release. Restore of 7. User is unable to play virtual clips created from individual lens of a panoramic camera. User is unable to stream in panoramic mode after changing media server associated with encoder. HTML5: User is not able to play the paused stream from the accurate paused point. HTML5: Recording seek bar does not show latest recording.

Emails of all recovered events contain Snapshot at time of reconnecting. Correct stream info isn't displayed on SASD when user switches stream for panoramic cameras. Auto Create Map Markers does not creates Cam markers automatically. Push to Wall after failback plays recording from redundant stream instead of Primary Media Server. Table 32 lists caveats that are resolved in this release. In rare cases CamApp event configuration fails for Nimbus Cameras. Camera App is not getting installed on camera in bulk camera.

Nimbus Camera time settings sometimes do not adhere to configured NTP settings. Camera App: In rare situations camera app fails to throw an error when app installation fails. See the following locations for the most current information and documentation:. Cisco Video Surveillance 7 Documentation Roadmap. Descriptions and links to Cisco Video Surveillance documentation, server and storage platform documentation, and other related documentation.

Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Log in to Save Content. Available Languages. Download Options. Updated: May 8, You can choose from 2 licensing methods: Traditional Licensing—Licenses are installed on the Operations Manager and maintained locally. Smart Software Licensing allows you to manage licenses for Cisco products in your organization.

Smart Licenses are automatically added to your account when ordering. Learn more. Camera Discovery Process Camera discovery can be manually triggered or automatically performed according to a schedule. Bookmarks Automatically Deleted with Video Bookmarks are automatically deleted if the video no longer exists. For example: Camera Bookmark—If recording is present, then bookmark will be groomed off based on the maximum retention period of the primary MS or Failover or Redundant or LTS server, plus 1 day.

Any camera that meets this condition is disassociated from the bookmark. If no camera is associated with the bookmark, then that bookmark is deleted. Since the maximum retention period of the primary Media Server or LTS server is 0, grooming occurs at the end of 1 day. Prerequisites At least one partition must be configured as LVM. Background Previously, media partitions were managed separately, such as media1, media2 etc. For example: —Storage retention is OK. For example, less space is used than originally estimated.

You can only reset the password using the same server where the clip was created. Procedure Step 1 Click Cameras. The URLs are listed on the right. Sensor States—Click Add and enter the possible device states used to trigger an event. Separate each state with a comma. Change Icon—Click Change Icon to display a custom icon for sensors added to location maps.

You can upload new icon images, or select an existing icon image. Tags— Optional Enter a keyword that assist in a Find. Add Sensor Templates Templates define the triggers and actions for the sensor types and can be applied to multiple sensors. Sensor Type—Click to select a type. Associated Location—Click to select the location.

If Custom is selected: a. Create a file that can be opened and saved using Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Save the revised file in the. CSV format. Return to Step 2 and re-import the corrected CSV file. Table 4 Upgrade Methods Upgrading From Cisco Series Cisco Series and Series Basic functionality such as streaming and recording is supported. FW Version for Release 7. Table 6 Cisco Series Model. Table 8 Cisco Series Model. Table 9 Cisco Series Model. Table 10 Cisco Series Model.

Media Types 7. Motion Detection 8. Table 12 Supported Arecont Cameras Model. Supported Devices: Axis Table 13 , Table 14 , and Table 15 provide information about Axis devices supported in this release. Table 13 Supported Axis Cameras Model. Version Table 14 Supported Axis Encoders Model. Table 16 Axis M Options Model. Table 19 Supported Mobotix Devices Model. Table 20 Supported Panasonic Devices Model. Supported Devices: Pelco Table 22 provides information about Pelco devices that this release supports.

Table 22 Supported Pelco Devices Model. Supported Devices: Sony Table 23 provides information about Sony devices that this release supports. Table 23 Supported Sony Devices Model. Supported Devices: Vivotek Table 24 provides information about Vivotek devices that this release supports.

Table 24 Vivotek Model. Motion Detection Table 25 Supported Generic Devices Type. MP4 Clips Obtaining and Installing Licenses To install a license, purchase the license and obtain the license file, then upload the file to the Operations Manager. Table 29 License Part Numbers Part. Understanding the Cisco VSM Software Types Table 30 describes the different types of software and firmware that are installed on servers, cameras, and encoders.

Open Caveats Table 31 lists caveats that are open in this release. Table 31 Open Caveats Caveat. Resolved Caveats Table 32 lists caveats that are resolved in this release. Table 32 Resolved Caveats Caveat. Related Documentation See the following locations for the most current information and documentation: Cisco Video Surveillance 7 Documentation Roadmap Descriptions and links to Cisco Video Surveillance documentation, server and storage platform documentation, and other related documentation.

To view a list of Cisco trademarks, go to this URL: www. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. Any Internet Protocol IP addresses and phone numbers used in this document are not intended to be actual addresses and phone numbers.

Any examples, command display output, network topology diagrams, and other figures included in the document are shown for illustrative purposes only. Any use of actual IP addresses or phone numbers in illustrative content is unintentional and coincidental. All rights reserved. Was this Document Helpful? Yes No Feedback. Optional Enable auto-configuration presets. Discovery can take a few minutes based on the factors such as the camera configuration, availability of the Media Servers, and other variables.

The icon flashes when discovery is being performed. The icon shows the number of discovered cameras. Click the icon to access the devices. If auto-configuration was enabled for the camera: a. Perform additional configuration, if necessary. Select Custom to create a configuration for the current sensor only. De-select Custom to select an existing template. See Add Sensor Types for more information. Backup and restore to a new server For example, backup the configuration and data from a release 7.

Minimum: 2. Minimum: 1. Yes G. Supported Firmware Version Video Format. Media Types. Video Ports. Dual Stream. Motion Detection. Max Motion Window. Firmware Upgrade. Zoom to Region. Field Of View. Supported FW Version. Panasonic SW and SF Video Formats. Encoder dependent: use the encoder's PTZ driver. Camera Licenses. Notes: The Operations Manager and all associated servers must run the same system software version.

To update a Federator server, log in to the Federator server Management Console. OVA image for VM installations. OVA template files are downloaded from the Cisco website. The file format is. After the VM setup is complete, use the Management Console to complete the configuration. The recovery disk can be used do the following: Repair: reinstalls the Operating System files and partitions without erasing video files stored on the server. You must backup the Cisco VSM database before using the recovery image, and then restore the database after the recovery process is complete.

This action also preserves the RAID configuration. Factory Restore: Restores the server to its factory default settings, reinstalls the operating system, and clears and reconfigures the RAID. This action deletes all data, configurations, software and video files from the appliance, and then reinstalls the operating system and Cisco VSM software.

Perform this procedure only if necessary. Install new driver packs to add support for additional devices. Smart Search is installed automatically if you click the SmartSearch icon on the Operator page. See the "Configuring System Settings" section on page The VSOM database contains all of the configuration information that is accessible from the VSOM Administration pages, including device, video feed, account, and system information.

Cisco recommends that you back up the database on a regular basis to ensure that configuration information is not lost in the event of system failure or disruption. The appropriate frequency of backups depends on how often you change the VSOM configurations. You can perform backups at any time. See the "Backing Up the Database" section. Because backups are created on the VSOM host on which you specify a backup, make sure that you create a process to copy the backups to another system on a regular basis.

When you request a backup, the VSOM database is backed up to a tar. Table describes the functions that you can perform on the Database Backups panel. Create a database backup file tar. Click Create a backup for download , and then click Save to save the backup file. Click Create a backup on the server. The server backup is created and added to the list of backups on the Database Backups panel. Click the Download icon for the backup file and then click Save.

Click the Delete icon for the backup file. Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Book Contents Book Contents. Find Matches in This Book. Log in to Save Content. PDF - Complete Book Chapter: Utilities.

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For more information about spanning tree and its supporting commands, see the documentation for your upstream switch. Use the following guidelines and limitations when installing the Cisco Nexus V software:. The host isolation response must not be set to Leave powered on. For detailed information about this setting, see the VMware high availability documentation. Cisco NX-OS redundancy is the preferred method.

In this configuration, both VSMs take the active role, sometimes referred to as split-brain. For detailed information, see the following VMware document:. Step 5 In the Resources tab, choose Memory. Step 6 In the Reservation field, choose MB.

Step 8 In the Reservation field, choose MHz. Step 9 Click OK. Step 2 Specify the source location and click Next. Step 3 Click Next. Step 5 Click Accept and then click Next. Step 6 Add the VSM name, select the folder location within the inventory where it will reside, and click Next. The name for the VSM must be unique within the inventory folder and less than 80 characters in length. Step 8 Choose the datastore in which to store the file if one is available and click Next.

On this page, you select from datastores already configured on the destination cluster or host. The virtual machine configuration file and virtual disk files are stored on the datastore. Select a datastore large enough to accommodate the virtual machine and all of its virtual disk files. Step 9 Select the Thick Provisioned disk format for storing virtual machine virtual disks, and click Next. Note This disk format is not supported for Cisco Nexus V.

Download the. Step 2 Extract the contents of the downloaded. The following example shows the commands if you are installing all VSM products. Step 3 Verify that all required files are present for the products that you want to install see Table 1 ; "Yes" indicates that a file is required. Step 5 Run the following commands to verify that JRE is installed correctly:. If a symbolic link does not include this text or does not appear at all, use these commands to resolve this issue:.

Step 6 Install the Cisco. Run the command for each. The appropriate zip files are provided based on the Table 1. It is a best practice to set a MySQL user root password. If you need to set this password, perform the following steps:. Log in to the server console as the user "root. Enter the following command:. Note You can set the default home page from the Management Console. Step 1 Open a web browser from a Windows PC and enter the following:.

Note The system prompts you to log in the first time you access a page to modify the configuration. The default user name is root and the default password is secur4u. Click Update. Check the Local Archives Repositories check box for recording archives. Choose one or more backup repositories.

Make sure to back up the configuration before upgrading. Step 3 Click Download. Step 4 When prompted, save the. Timestamp is the date and time at which you initiated the backup. Restoration is needed only if a system failure occurs. To restore the VSOM configuration, perform the following steps. Step 1 Enter the following command to stop the server:.

Step 4 Perform the following steps to extract the backed up VSOM configuration data to the new server. This process extracts all necessary configuration files, including proxy, archive, and event data. From the SSH command line, enter the following command, where filename is the name of the backup file, and must include the. Step 5 Restart the server. To restore the VSMS configuration, perform the following steps.

Step 4 Perform the following steps to extract the backed up VSMS configuration data to the new server. Use the following command to extract the backup file, where filename is the name of the backup file, and must include the. From the SSH command line, enter:. Step 5 Restart the server:.

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